My new personal website will be a valuable tool moving forward

I plan to build a website which will serve as a well-rounded demo reel to potentially land future employment.  In the past, I have written and broadcast news stories and provide play-by-play for sporting events for radio broadcast.  I have also developed mini-documentaries and produced other videos which hopefully demonstrate my abilities and potential as a storyteller.

Personal siteThe website will be important in that I will be using it as, not only a resume, but as a primary source for demonstration of my abilities.  I’ll have radio broadcast samples, podcast samples, mini-documentary and video samples, and blogs – not to mention, a link to my Twitter timeline.

It will represent thought leadership because it serves as a reminder that, in the digital age, it’s of the utmost importance to be well rounded.  Aspiring journalists should not just be of the mindset that they want to be simply newspaper reporter, or a radio news anchor, or a TV news anchor.  This is the multi-media age, which requires abilities in all of the above and necessitates an entrepreneurial mindset.

If you can reach a certain niche of the population with a quality multi-media product, you are more likely to reap greater financial benefits for the amount of work that you will likely have to put in either way.  At this point, it seems best to create your own brand and sell your own product for its true value, rather than working 12 to 15 hours per day to earn a salary dictated by your employer.

personal websiteAmong the internships I have sought, in the field of video production, they all require more than just a resume.  They also require a demo reel.  I have been submitting my page, but this will serve as a more impressive venue to house those videos because it will reveal more of my overall personality, interests, and creative vision.

I can build upon this website, moving forward, by continuing to post any projects or assignments, which I complete, on the page.  Anyone will be able to use this page as a reference for current works, or what I’ve done in the past.

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