Blinds manufacturer adjusts to new rules of marketing and public relations

Blinds photo
Cover photo on the Hunter Douglas Facebook page.

In this post I’ll focus on three current trends in the utilization of social media in public relations and marketing, and use Hunter Douglas as an example of a brand which does so effectively.

First, in his book, “The New Rules of Marketing & PR,” author David Meerman Scott said “the old rules of marketing” stated that advertising was exclusively about selling products, whereas the new rules state that “marketing is more than just advertising.

Hunter Douglas is a global company which manufactures blinds and window coverings, 3 Day Blinds manufactures the same kinds of products.

The pinned tweet found on @3DayBlinds Twitter page seems to follow the old rules when it says, “we can help you transform any room in the your home … even the laundry room!”  This message represents direct advertising of a product on social media, encouraging followers to consider buying it.

Hunter Douglas, whose Twtter handle is @FluentInDesign, no longer seems to follow the old rules because none of its tweets are a direct call to action.  They are simply pictures, articles and demonstrations of new ways in which their products are currently being used by others.Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 4.32.41 PM

Meerman Scott wrote, “we need to to think about the information that our niched audiences want to know.”  In the above comparison, Hunter Douglas assumes that its followers are a niche audience, whereas 3 Day Blinds seems to assume its followers are simply potential customers.

Second, Meerman wrote: “Blogs, online video … and other forms of online content let organizations communicate with buyers in a form they appreciate.

Hunter Douglas utilizes this practice on its Facebook page, with videos that directly communicate new items developed by Hunter Douglas, stories featuring the people working to develop new items at Hunter Douglas, and stories about the ways in which good blinds can improve your quality of life.

Insolroll, another blinds manufacturer, does the same thing on its Facebook page, but obviously doesn’t have the same resources devoted to video production in terms of creativity and quality of the video itself.

Third, Meerman Scott said, “PR is for more than just a mainstream audience.”  Hunter Douglas most definitely follows this practice on Twitter.  This tweet demonstrates that its message is geared toward an audience with an interest in architectural design.

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