Personality matters in brand design

This is the first time I have really thought about all aspects of a brand.  It’s more than just a name and a logo.  It’s a personality. It’s a message.  It’s a feeling you get when you consume the product.coke

A brand is also that specific product you think of instead of that generic product.  Why do people refer to soda pop as Coke?  Why does my uncle always say he’s going to Starbucks even though he always goes to Caribou?

I’m learning that better you can establish that personality, that message and that feeling, the better the chances that your idea will become that specific product as opposed to a generic product.

Mood boards, if they do anything, at least help the designer of the brand establish the goal of the message and personality of the brand.  I’ve worked for various radio stations, all of whom had specific imaging to give their station their own personality. mood board I’m guessing that if some of the station managers had utilized mood boards when designing that imaging, they probably wouldn’t have given their stations the personalities they – likely unintentionally – ended up with.

thirstyI’m also learning that advertising messages, and copy, should fit within the personality and feeling that the brand provides.  I don’t usually drink “Dos Equis” but I’m guessing that the next time I do, I’ll feel like I’m a little more interesting, and the thought of their spokesman saying “Stay Thirsty My Friends” will somehow make the experience of drinking that beer just a little more enjoyable.

I think, especially when starting a brand, the simpler you can keep your message and personality – the better.  You can always build on your simple beginning, but that first simple idea should be the basis around which your brand is built, and the foundation of everything you do with the brand going forward.

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