Idea to Product to Brand

20170905_165513I’m beginning to recognize how much thought goes into developing a brand.  It’s one thing to come up with an idea, and turn that idea into a product – but it’s another thing to turn that product into a brand.

When your product has an audience and a personality, when it solves a problem, it’s on its way to becoming a brand.  How do you develop that audience?  What gives a brand it’s personality?  How do you cultivate that personality?  The answers to these questions are among the things I hope to learn as I continue in Brand Design.

personality traits

Websites tend to have a personality of their own, but do products as well?  I have a Dell desktop computer and an Apple laptop computer.  Do they have different personalities?  I suppose they do because I think of Steve Jobs and the “Think  Different” advertising campaign when I think about Apple, whereas nothing immediately comes to mind when I think about Dell.

However, when I use each of those products I place much more value in their functionality than I do in their personality.  I value the RAM offered by the desktop, along with the larger monitor, and I value the portability of the laptop.  Does using either device make me feel different because of the brand associated with it?

Microsoft Word - stimulus-responseI have had non-Apple laptops in the past, and there were certain things I liked about those compared to my Mac Book Pro.  When I use the Mac Book Pro in public, or in class, the idea that everyone else can see the Apple Insignia lit up on my monitor may – in some ways –  make me feel hip and smart, but I’m not sure that feeling is terribly important to me.

From a practical standpoint, so far, I appreciate the opportunity to learn the benefits of Adobe Illustrator, and the introduction to mood boards.  I can see how attaching a brand to the message conveyed by a mood board can make the consumer view the brand in a certain light.

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