BVSD looks to innovate learning space (audio slide show)


Speaking at the recently renovated Broomfield Heights Middle School, Boulder Valley School District Director of Educational Innovation Kiffany Lychock discussed how BVSD is looking to transform its learning environment into a space for the 21st century student.  Click here to see the audio slide show.  Note: The initial photo of Ms. Lychock is her Twitter avatar, and the additional photos were taken by Chad Franzen on October 14, 2016.


2 thoughts on “BVSD looks to innovate learning space (audio slide show)

  1. Hey Chad,
    The photo of you chose of Kiffany is nice, I wish you would have taken some photos of her for this project. I understand why you incorporated so many photos of the space because that is what she is discussing, however, I would have liked to see her showing the viewer something or in more of the photos.
    I didn’t have an emotional reaction to this story. It would have been nice to know why this project is so near and dear to Kiffany, if it is at all.
    The audio you took and edited was done well, I didn’t notice any transitions, and the volume levels were excellent.
    Again, I would have made this project more about Kiffany than the educational spaces, it would have been more compelling.


  2. I agree with Melissa’s comments. The portrait of Kiffany is lovely, but we need an ongoing human connection with her. The audio quality is good and photos are well exposed. Getting people into the scene would have given the viewer a sense of scale and of how people will interact with the spaces. The empty furniture doesn’t draw people into the story very effectively. Do they have children studying in these spaces who you could spend some time with? Are there workers putting the furniture together and staging the classrooms? Could Kiffany give you a tour so you could photographer with examples the things she’s describing? I’d like to see more photos with action and some details to add drama.


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