A Natural Curiosity

 James Ryan performs his Anything Project, on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall in late August.  Ryan, a 29-year-old New York native, says his performance is “an ongoing project” and hopes his audience feels a connection with nature when they see him.  Onlookers stop to watch Ryan, while often maintaining some distance. Ryan said Colorado is the seventh state in which he has performed.

2 thoughts on “A Natural Curiosity

  1. I love the subject you selected for your photo. To me there is definitely a story here, and I can see this working with a feature piece or Q & A on Ryan, or even with a more general piece about performance artists or the characters around Pearl Street Mall. I like the “man behind the mask” idea in this post. Who is that guy when he isn’t performing? The lighting makes it a bit tricky to see Ryan in detail and without the caption I might not have known exactly who/what the subject was. But I think the photo is framed nicely, pointing directly down Pearl Street, and I like the idea of capturing Ryan in his element. The photo and caption left me wanting to know more of Ryan’s story.


  2. Echoing what Stephanie said above, I think you’ve got an interesting character to photograph, but I don’t think we see him well enough to learn very much. Part of this is due to the photo trying to do too much. With the action occurring on the far edges of the frame – the performer on one side and the audience reacting to him on the other – it leaves the eye to focus mostly on the brick walkway that is the largest element in the photo. It also puts the performer against a pretty cluttered part of the scene, making it that much more difficult to see him. As we discussed in class, this is probably a situation where it would be best to have two photos, one of the performer, another of the reaction. As for showing us Ryan, it might be good to see him outside of his costuming, or perhaps preparing for or cleaning up from his performance. Then we’d see a bit of who he actually is, and what he has to go through for his art. Check D2L to see your grade.


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