Beat the Rams!

CU mascot Chip helps fire up the crowd at a pep rally on the Pearl Street Mall, Thursday, in anticipation of the Buffaloes’ ¬†football season opener against CSU on Friday. ¬†I arrived at 7, and posted this photo just before 7:30. Posted to Twitter and Instagram by 7:32 p.m .

2 thoughts on “Beat the Rams!

  1. Cool subject. I like how you got a clear shot of Chip’s face and how it’s right in the middle of the frame. The picture looks a bit blurry, so it is a little bit difficult to see everything that’s going on. I also think that a more head-on angle on the band, so that you could see more of the brass, could have made for a very compelling image. I do like how it seems like we are looking down on the scene though. It looks like that cut down on some of the obstruction from the crowd.


  2. The blurriness of of the photo makes it a bit difficult to read, but Chips’ face does pop out. The most important faces, however, are the people reacting to the mascot (Chip’s face doesn’t really change, right?) I think getting in tighter, right into the middle of the action, would have made for a more compelling photo. The slightly high angle does let us see the action, but your distance from the scene adds some distractions like all the hats lined up, etc. See D2L for your grade.


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